Ginzburg Dynastie - Yiddish Swing Orchestra

The ” Yiddish Swing Orchestra” developed from the “Klezmer dynasty”, which originated in the city where the famous Lubavitcher Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson worked and taught. Since the 19th century, the founders of the Klezmer musical family played at Jewish and non- Jewish celebrations and weddings.

Today the “Klezmer family” consists of trained musicians, who utilise the expertise they derived from the conservatoriums of Kiev, Jerusalem and Berlin to imbue Klezmer’s music with versatility and flair. The emergence of a ” Swing Klezmer Orchestra” is the culmination of these musical influences. The current repertoire of the orchestra includes classical music, jazz and swing, mirroring both Klezmer’s music and Yiddish songs.

This program has for many years been presented at diverse functions across Berlin, Moscow, Jerusalem and New York.


Igor Ginzburg (clarinet, saxophone, piano, accordion, singing)

Wlady Ginzburg (clarinet, saxophone, piano, singing)

Evgeni Ginzburg (saxophone, piano, percussion, singing)

Dennis Ginzburg (trumpet, percussion, singing)

Simon Herzwolf (piano)